Implementation Competition Trip to Nias has been Done

Jakarta, January 20,2011
The competition was held Trip to Nias by divided the finalists into 2 kloter, kloter 1 dated 5-14 Jan.2011 and kloter 2 on 14-20 Jan. 2011. The Competition Trip followed by 20 Finalists from various cities such as Aceh, Medan, Padang, Batam, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya where each kloter represent 10 finalists. Thanks to Gambara committee hard work and all of our prayer the Trip Contest implementation went well and smoothly. Furthermore, the finalists will submit their photos of the Competition Trip to be contested and judged by the board of jury chaired by Arbain R. Announcement of winners will be held in Nias Gunungsitoli Jan.29, 2011 and all the finalists, judges and organizers will be invited back to attend the announcement.

Schedule & Prize


In view of evaluation to the last hunting trip simulation team, the Committee decides to extend Hunting Trip period to 5-11 and 14-20 January 2011. The committee also increase the prize from 161 million rupiah into 248 million rupiah with additional award, i.e. WIinner of GAMBARA NIAS REVIVES PHOTO COMPETITION 2010.

Registration & Upload Photo


Registration and photo uploads will be closed at 23.00 pm, Saturday, December 11, 2010. So upload the photo as much as possible in accordance upload allotment of 10 photos (5 landscape, 5 people). And get a big opportunity to follow the photo contest Online Vote by vote favorite photos. Each member has a right to vote (1 vote) for each category. Grab 3 pieces KATA Camera Bag 3NI KT-20 Sling Backpack for 3 Online Vote winners.

Work Distribution Jury

The division of labor jury GAMBARA NIAS BANGKIT PHOTO COMPETITION Committee has done in Jakarta. Next we will conduct surveys to Nias in the near term is to simulate the flow of activities Hunting Trip. May God be with us all.

Photo Contest Winner Determination Already Done

The determination of the photo contest winners GAMBARA Nias 2010 had been held Tuesday, January 25, 2011 on FX mall and Antara news agency which determines appropriate category Lanscape, People and Essays and determine the winner of Best of the Best (Oegroseno Prize) and GAMBARA Nias 2010 champion. The process of determining a champion is very difficult but we still have to announce the champions photo contest on January 29, 2011 at MIGA Beach Gunungsitoli Nias. The official announcement on the website will be held on January 29, 2011 at 09.00 PM


Ray Sugiharto

The majority of social realities can, as a matter of fact, be translated into photos. When we gaze upon a photo, it may incite us to laugh, cry, or stand up motionless full of amazement or stick our neck out to get closer view on it. If so, such photo is indeed successful in exposing social realities that may miss our attention during day-to-day life.

Putu Wijaya

Social reality depicted in photos reflects the social conditions revealed from camera shots by a photographer to expose the prosperity, security and convenience of individuals or groups within the life of a nation.

Oscar Motuloh

Photography is basically just a mechanical system as a tool. However, it remains soulless until a photographer gives soul to the picture as a means to share visual observation to the others. Social reality including the subjects of photographers frequently uses photography as an instrument to convey the message to public in general. With photography, they – the photographers – testify. Because of its role as the eyes of world for humanity, photography needs social reality contents of day-to-day life to spark its soul.

Tirto Andayanto

There have been a number of photo contests organized from September through December. Yet, this Nias Resurgence Photo Contest is a little bit different, to be honest. First, the interested photographers send their works on line for voting by the public, again via on line. Participants whose photos collect most votes will qualify as finalists of this photo contest. The photos to compete must be taken from Nias. Thus, these finalists are selected by the public accessing their works displayed in web lombafotoniasbangkit. What an interesting method! It is more obvious under the current virtual era, where more people is now getting familiar with this cutting-edge technology. So, simply upload your photos for online voting, and if get many votes, let’s hunt photos in NIAS to compete in real contest.


Makarios Soekojo

Born in South Sulawesi in 1957, Makarios Soekojo started his debut in photography in 1984, when he worked as instructors for several schools of photography such as Lembaga Fotografi Candra Naya (LFCN), PT. Modern Photo Film Co., Faculty of Art and Design-University of Trisakti, Darwis Triadi School of Photography, Nikon School of Photography, and today he is a digital photography instructor for Olympus Indonesia.

Riahardy Mendrofa

This young photographer was born on December 8, 1983. While he first studied in civil engineering, Hardy immediately found his identity when he used Nikon F3 to take photos. After graduating from Universitas Parahyangan, he decided to continue his adoration in photography. He took photographic course in Darwis Triadi Photography when he explored his soul and human behavior. Since then, his life was focused on portraits, travels and social photography. Some of his works had been exhibited and published in, among other things, Warisan Indonesia, Asian Geographic, Asian Geographic Passport, Inside Sumatera, Nias Tourism Board, Visit Nias, etc..

Arbain Rambey

Born in Semarang on July 2, 1961. He is Sarjana degree holder majoring in Civil Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1988. One of his works in photography is that of “Indonesia, Mist of Time” published by Waterous & Co. in London in 2005. He started to take photos in 1977 when climbed the mountain along with his friends of SMA Loyola 1 Semarang.

Nyoman Bayu Yudianala

Born in Singaraja, Bali on April 6, 1968 Nyoman Bayu Yudiana was the holder of Sarjana degree in Economics from Universitas Gajah Mada. He started his photography career in Japan when he won photo contest in Kanagawa Prefecture (2006). Back to Indonesia in 2009, he worked as photo editor for female magazine d’sari, E-magz (in taxi magazine of Express Group), photo consultant for biweekly tabloid (Ada Lowongan and Ada Usaha), photography consultant for Yacht magazine (Dark Blue), Indonesia International Magazine.

Riza Marlon

Riza Marlon is a professional photographer with “million” activities. He used to work in some non-government organization such as World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), UNESCO and many more. His photographic works have unique characters. “All of my photos are my favorites,” he stressed. Riza Marlon started to document and collect natural and wild animal photos since he still studied in Biology Faculty of Universitas Nasional, about 25 years ago. He experienced many expeditions and travels to various isolated regions in Indonesia as parts of tasks given by national and international NGOs. He also assisted the making of TV programs of some TV stations and foreign movies. All of these have further enhanced his knowledge and love to natural and wild animal photography, especially in Indonesia.

Moses Agustian

Moses who was born in April 8, 1954 has relatively extensive experience in photography. This man who loves reading spiritual and art books won a number of photographic awards both from domestic and overseas. He took RPS (Royal Photographic Society) exam in UK. RPS is a photographic club under protection of English Queen. In 1983 Moses was awarded with L.RPS degree. As to A.RPS, he got this decree for Visual Art. A.FPSI degree was received in 1991.

Tirto Andayanto

Since 1980 Tirto Andayanto who was born in January 12, 1961 works as documentation staff of National Pramuka (Scouting) Movement. He graduated from Letters Faculty of UI. In addition, he is a lecturer in Oktagon, Neumatt, Universitas Sahid, BIMKER LP Cipinang and IKJ. He runs Point of View studio delivering photographic and slide bank services. He leads Eureka Dynamic Learning (engaged in Outdoor Management Training). Many clients of domestic and overseas are served. His services include Company Profile preparation, Print Ad, Audio Visual, calendar, etc. Tirto was selected as Favorite Photographer 2006 for Nikonia magazine in Outdoor Photographer category.

Oscar Motuloh

Oscar Matuloh was born in Surabaya on August 17, 1959. Since 1990 he has been working as journalistic photographer for ANTARA news agency. He was an autodidact photographer. Then, he studied Journalistic Photography in Hanoi – Vietnam (1991) and Japan (1993). Oscar wrote some photographic articles such as ‘East Timor, A Photographic Record’, ‘Marine’, ‘Ocean Guardians’, ‘The Land of Bulungan’, “Samudera Air Mata’ (February 2005 along with other 17 photographers covering tsunami) and ‘East Timor, The Long and Winding Road’.

Frederick Lim Cung Wei

This man who is preferred to nickname as We Wei was born on August 28 1967 in Bandung. He started to engage in photography in 1994, and learned a lot from Pak Moses Agustian, his mentor. Despite extensive experience in Architecture Photography, he always humbly calls himself as Amateur Photographer.